Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About deskPDF Editor

With deskPDF Editor we get a lot of people that tell us, “I wish I could do X”. In most cases, they actually can, they just didn’t know about it. To that end, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of commonly overlooked features of deskPDF Editor.

1. You can change the color of your drawings

This drawing is now on the company fridge.

Changing the color of your drawings is easy, just draw and when you’re done, hover over your drawing to see a little properties toolbar show up. That will allow you to not only change the color of your masterpiece, but also the line width.

2. You really can type anywhere

Exhibit A: My PDF Alliance Application

So many people think that you need a PDF form to be able to write on a PDF. False. You can, with deskPDF Editor and the Type Tool. Click on the “T” icon, and click anywhere on a PDF. When you’re done typing, you can change the font size, color, and style.

3. Reader Mode

Can't see the lines can you Russ?
A lot of people tell us how annoying it is, that everywhere they click they create a new comment, or highlight, or drawing, or they’re making text now. And they’re right that is annoying, in fact, it annoyed us so much during testing that we created Reader Mode. If you click that little book icon in the toolbar, you’ll no longer see the properties when you hover over an existing annotation, and you definitely won’t be making new ones. Easy right?

How To Use deskPDF Creator for Mac

Docudesk is very excited to announce the release of deskPDF Creator for Mac!

How to create PDF’s on your Mac:

First, download & install deskPDF Creator for Mac from this link:

Then open up the file you want to print to PDF on your Mac, and select file -> print:

Next, you will see a drop down box that lists your printers:

Just make sure to select deskPDF Creator so you don’t accidentally print to paper:

Then, you will see the save-as screen which allows you to save as a PDF on your Mac:

Just click SAVE and you are DONE - deskPDF for Mac is extremely easy to use!

Important Certificate Update & Introducing the deskPDF Reader 2012 Beta!

A small number of our customers have recently noticed a message in Microsoft Office regarding Docudesk certificates. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we have a simple fix.

If you are getting an error message when starting Office, please make sure to close any Office applications that are running, and download and run the installer in this knowledgebase article.

If you have any other issues, please click here to contact support.

Introducing the deskPDF Reader 2012 Beta

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting beta testers for the new deskPDF Reader!

We think you will love deskPDF Reader 2012:

  • A fast, lightweight PDF viewer 
  • Allows you to fill out and save PDF forms
  • Secure - built with ReadSafe™ technology
  • Completely FREE!

To get more info about deskPDF Reader and see a 60 second video, click here:

deskPDF Free Reader Download 

Don’t forget to sign up for the beta program to be the first to see deskPDF Reader!


Because we are moving from a web of pages to a web of flow because of the rise of liquid media, Twitter’s impact is beinf significantly underreported by referral-based analysis tools:

Jonathan via

Referrers are a poor way to attribute traffic from social sharing.

Referrer analysis is based on the outdated metaphor of the web as a network of links between static pages that could only be navigated by browsers. Today’s web is built around social streams and other APIs that are consumed via dynamic web applications, desktop clients, mobile apps, and even other web services, all of which render referrers obsolete as an attribution mechanism. was built for the modern web — a network of people, not pages — to track the results of Tweets, Likes, emails, and other sharing activities no matter what path they follow. So our system knows with certainty where each link was originally shared in addition to all the places where it was ultimately clicked (i.e. referrers). This approach gives us a unique set of data that demonstrates just how misleading referrer information can be.

And in the case of links shared on Twitter, it’s very misleading: the referral traffic one sees from is less than 25% of the traffic actually driven by Twitter.

Twitter is the perfect storm for referral traffic

We looked at data from the first 6 months of 2011 spanning links to over 33,000 sites, and the numbers were astounding:

  • only 24.4% of clicks on links shared on Twitter had in the referrer;
  • 62.6% of clicks on links shared on Twitter had no referrer information at all (i.e. they would show up as ‘Direct Traffic’ in Google Analytics);
  • and 13.0% of clicks on links shared on Twitter had another site as the referrer (e.g.,

We need better social plumbing for the social, liquid web. We need to measure the ripples spreading — a measure of flow through social networks — not the number of links in pages referencing other pages.

Efficiency and Affordability

Photo by Fif

As Senior Strategist and Executive Business Advisor at NetMark International, Tim Grady works on a wide variety of projects for client companies that often require fast turnaround and cost-effective solutions in physical to digital marketing materials.

As a business advisory firm, NetMark works with companies ranging from Fortune 500 conglomerates to mom-and-pop shops, and frequently finds employees and executives faced with unreasonably expensive solutions to promoting their products or services.  What sets Netmark apart from competitors is being able to deliver high-quality, equally impactful results at a fraction of the cost in the proposal on an executive’s desk.

This is where deskPDF comes in, making it click and create simple to produce pdf pages for the web or finished files for print, even from legacy programs – at a fraction of the cost of other pdf solutions.

This easy to use program gives our firm and the clients we serve the ability to produce and publish what they need online or on paper without going to expensive software or high level outside agencies.  “It is one of the few times in my 30 years on PCs that I have seen intuitive elegance in a product, which means it is simple to use and does a superlative job of creating the desired result,” said Mr. Grady.  “We have always found it shocking that companies, in good times and bad, spend 10, 20 or even 50 times more than is needed to get a job or project accomplished without realizing there are equal or higher quality and more economical solutions available,” he concluded.

Although powerful enough to handle the widest variety of PDF requirements, deskPDF products range from a $19.95 single user license to very affordable small network and full corporate server editions. 

You can learn more about NetMark International here, and you can get started with your free trial of deskPDF here. Offers Fully-Editable Forms Just in Time for Tax Season

ALLEN, TX—(Marketwire - April 7, 2011) - Docudesk Corporation, a leader in electronic document management, announced the release of, an online service that offers consumers free access to fully-editable, electronic versions of more than 10,000 federal, state and local government documents and tax forms. The FormEditor repository includes the most popular federal tax forms as well as important but hard-to-find state and local forms and documents in an easy-to-navigate, searchable database.

FormEditor eliminates the need for printing and manually typing or completing forms. While some government forms can be edited or filled-in digitally with the proper software installed, all forms hosted on can be completed and saved as PDF files using only a web browser.

"FormEditor was created using our existing online document editing platform with a focus on solving problems we experienced in dealing with government forms," said Darren Matheny, CEO and founder of Docudesk said. "We couldn’t find any single place that provided digital versions of common forms that also allowed users to electronically complete the documents without charging a fee. We decided to make the tool ourselves."

Built on the DocQ platform, Docudesk’s proven online HTML5 document management system, FormEditor is the easiest way to fill out forms online. combines the ability to access important public forms and documents with simple, innovative form-editing functionality. Completing forms for submission and archiving is as simple as clicking and typing. FormEditor is entirely web-based so no software or plug-ins are installed on the user’s computer.

Users fill in forms using existing PDF form fields or FormEditor’s typewriter tool. Documents can also be electronically “signed” using the wet ink signature feature. Once completed, users can download a PDF of the form for printing, archiving or forwarding to tax preparers, accountants or attorneys. Personal information and a copy of the document are transferred over banking-grade 256 bit SSL encryption and never stored on remote servers, only saved as a secure PDF on users’ computers. User privacy and security are always protected and the process is quick, convenient and totally free.

"What makes FormEditor so different from other products is that it is truly free," Matheny said. "We do not charge any hidden fees. There are no watermarks on the finished document and we never require users to register to complete their forms. We want to make the process easier, not more difficult."

"We also offer a more complete commercial version of the FormEditor technology for businesses and governments," Matheny said. "The commercial product allows for multi-party form transactions, secure digital signatures and cloud- or local-based document hosting and archiving."

Consumers can access and fill out forms immediately at 2010 federal, state and local tax forms, including US 1040 Forms, are already available.

"We have the most important federal, state and local tax forms already loaded," said Matheny. "We currently have over ten thousand forms tagged and entered in our database with more being added each day."

About Docudesk
Docudesk Corporation, a private company headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, is a leader in the growing electronic document management space. With over 250,000 enterprise and small-business customers worldwide, Docudesk creates products that provide clients with a seamless transition to a paperless office. Docudesk offers products which enhance document security, document presentation, and document transfer. For more information visit awards our PDF Converter 5 stars in review!

PDF Essentials Plus from Docudesk recently received a 5 star rating from the well respected technology news site!  This is a great confirmation of what we already know – PDF Essentials Plus is simply the best for PDF Creation & Conversion!

Some quotes from the review:

 “This program integrates two similar tools in one interface, but deskUNPDF’s interface is the primary application, whereas deskPDF installs as a printer driver accessed from your print menu. This helps keep things simple and straightforward and enables the program’s unique capability to print documents in 15 different output formats instead of just as PDFs.”

 ”The interface itself is a clean, up-to-date design with black and gray tones and Vista-style highlights for a businesslike look that doesn’t resemble an appliance repair manual. The program offers some other unique features, such as Accu-Text, which claims highly accurate content extraction.”

“We had no complaints whatsoever with the quality of the PDFs it produces, or the converted files, for that matter. We were surprised to see it even fully supports the open-source OpenOffice format, something we applaud since it makes this tool that much more capable and compatible.”

“We’ve tested a lot of PDF utilities, and most do a pretty good job at their highly focused tasks. The difference comes down to value, flexibility, and ease of use. On each of those measures, PDF Essentials Plus hits the mark.”

Click here to download the free trial of PDF Essentials Plus, and for an additional 15% off your order, use discount code “FIVESTARS” :-)

While it’s nice to hear from an established review site, we really appreciate what our customers have to say!  Here are just a few testimonials from our customers over the years:

You have the best customer support of anyone and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry A. Kogut
Managing Attorney
Key Peninsula Law

I have been looking for a way to convert some non-Adobe pdf documents into an .xls format and found you while searching. I love this product!!! It is simple to use and converts all my pdf documents in a matter of seconds. I have spent hours manually entering data onto an Excel spreadsheet; now I can convert the data and simply sort through the data with ease. I will definitely let everyone know about your great product!

Thank you,

Crystal Wittrock
Net New Pro, Inc.

Wow! Add me to the list of very satisfied customers. This solved so many ongoing configuration problems for me. Simple and works great. I downloaded the trial and was so impressed I bought the program 20 minutes later.

Dave Blythe
Seattle, WA USA

I LOVE my DeskPDF and don’t know how I would have conducted business this past year without it.

Henry Hill
Houston, TX

I’d like to ad that I bought my first computer in 1987, and, over the years, I’ve dealt with many Customer Support teams.

You guys are in a class by yourselves.  I have never seen better.  There’s no one even close.

Bernard Switalski
Riverside, IL

Amazing! I have used deskPDF Standard for several years, primarily because the cost of Adobe Acrobat was prohibitive. I acquired Acrobat as part of an upgrade to CS3 not too long ago. I needed to create a PDF file from a complex 9-page big band score done in Sibelius 5.2, and was disappointed that the Acrobat 8.1 version contained errors, BUT overjoyed to see that the deskPDF version was PERFECT! More expensive is not always better! Kudos, and thanks!

Marilyn Clark
Columbus, OH

Thank you for your prompt response.  As a Lecturer on Quality Management Systems I appreciate your “delighting your customer” approach. deskUNPDF works well on my new laptop.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Graham Young
Yamba, Australia

There’s fast and then there’s you guys!
I think that took all of three minutes.
What can I say except thank you very much.


Nathan Dennis
Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK

You can see additional testimonials here, additional reviews here, and don’t forget to get your FREE trial download of PDF Essentials Plus!

Convert PDF to Word - Easily!

Use Case – PDF to Word 

The PDF format was created to facilitate sharing documents, and is great for ensuring that your recipients will be viewing the document exactly as you intended.  The numerous benefits of the new file format led to the pervasiveness of PDF’s among creative professionals, as well as to wide implementation by large corporations and government agencies.  Despite the benefits that PDF’s offer, there is a downside to the format.

The drawback is one that unfortunately many users are all too familiar with – the need to edit PDF’s, or to extract text or other elements from the file.

The prevalence of the PDF format means that this is now a recognizable situation: as the deadline for a project nears, you find the document with the exact information you need.  The only problem?  It’s a PDF file and is inherently difficult to work with.

deskUNPDF was created for exactly this need, and makes converting a PDF to Word as easy as opening the file, and clicking convert.

Converting a PDF to Word for editing is easy - just open the PDF with deskUNPDF, choose the file format you want to convert to (default is .doc) and click convert.  The conversion is painless and automatic – your document opens immediately in Word and is ready for editing.

Most Common Reasons to Convert PDF to Word:

  • Editing grammatical errors and typos in a PDF
  • Recovering text for use in other applications
  • Revising timestamps or pagination
  • Adjusting images sizing or text placement
  • Changing line placement or colors
  • Removing watermarks - i.e. Draft
  • Changing font appearance - i.e. color, size, treatment

Although great for PDF power users, or as part of a document’s workflow, deskUNPDF is easy enough for even the most casual of computer users to use.

Feel free and follow these links to see a PDF to Word conversion example, read the full User Guide, and view additional tutorial videos.

You can get started with the free download of deskUNPDF here.

Visit our DocQ blog for even more PDF solutions

DocQ is an online PDF application which we developed focusing on all things revolving around sending and sharing PDFs.  It is very comprehensive and incorporates a lot of features which Adobe Acrobat charges a lot of money. 

Head over to our DocQ Blog to learn more.

Use PDF’s to shrink that oversized file

Did you know that converting a Word document to PDF can compress the file over 1000%? One often unrecognized benefit of PDF’s are the compression capabilities. The PDF standard has mastered other formats have been unable to accomplish – the PDF format drastically reduces document size while actually improving the viewer’s perception of the document quality

It is no wonder why IT management fosters their employee’s usage of PDF’s. From a resource utilization perspective, the file compression IT administrators found that using PDF’s significantly reduces costly bandwidth and storage. Ten years ago file attachments were infrequent, where nowadays they represent over 40% of business email. Graphics, spreadsheets and Word documents frequently accompany email messages. Converting to a PDF reduces document size significantly; often times greater than 1000%!